Amazing audio drama!!!


Underdog. Student film.


Underdog is my final film for the Computer Animation program at Sheridan (2016).
I really wish I had some more time to work on polishing my animation, but again, It all boils downs to what I can pull of in what time I have.
I learned tons working on this project, worked on things that I never imagined I would be working on.

Animated Interstitial Short.

After 2 brutal weeks, I successfully completed my first short. Just a 10 second long clip and yet so much work went into it.

I should say I am pretty satisfied with the result. I am really surprised by how much I explored and learnt in just a couple of weeks. But there is tons and tons more that I should learn.

I will probably post the work flow and my film over the weekend. But until then, Stay Tuned!!