Delirium – A self portrait

A self-portrait after many years and the title, pretty much self-explanatory. I started this one several weeks ago, didn’t get a chance to get back to it after I did the sketch. I moved places, I’ve been slacking and a couple of other stupid reasons. But I managed to get back to it. I’d love […]

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It is the Moon.

The moon is older than any tree in this wood or any man on this land. Every once in a while, it flies all the way from the edge of the sky to our homes. Its feathers carry the sweetest smell and the softest sounds. As the moon floats around our homes, the soft winds […]

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It is the moon – update.

Hey people…Here’s this week’s update. I obviously will work on regulating the tree scale. But the idea is pretty much here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to work on this throughout the week, this is what I managed to do over the weekend. I will try and get more this week. And like always, […]

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Painting a Legendary Guru

  I feel honored to have had an opportunity to make this painting of the Legendary Personality – A great Spiritual teacher – Mahant swami. Also, this is one of the very important paintings that I have done as I have discovered/developed a technique for which I have been trying for quite a while. I […]

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