About Me

I am Chandra Shekar Rallabandi a recent Sheridan – Digital Character Animation program graduate specialized in Character Animation and Previz/Layout. I have produced 2 short films during my studies here at Sheridan college. You can find them here on my blog or follow the link (www.Vimeo.com/rallabandi)

I am currently looking for opportunities to make it into the entertainment industry. My interests are Character Animation, Camera animation (Layout/Previz) and Storytelling.

Being  an Animation enthusiast, I always was amazed by how much emotion a well made film/story can evoke inside the viewer. And with an urge to learn this craft of storytelling, I did my bachelors degree in multimedia in India. I later enrolled into Computer Animation program at Sheridan. I graduated with a Silver Medal for academic excellence. My thirst for storytelling increased and I immediately enrolled into Digital character animation

I love all kinds of art and design. I believe all these forms of art are magic. Music, Paintings, Film they are all magic and It is very real. I love Found footage horror movies. I also am a Cosplay artist and I love getting into a characters skin for a day and live their life. Although I am not a fill time gamer, I do enjoy being someone else, something else and that feeling itself is orgasmic.

If there is anything else that you want to talk about or suggestions or critics, do not hesitate. Comment here or shoot me an email at “rcs_rrs@hotmail.com”

Chandra Shekar Rallabandi.


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