Animated Interstitial Short.

After 2 brutal weeks, I successfully completed my first short. Just a 10 second long clip and yet so much work went into it.

I should say I am pretty satisfied with the result. I am really surprised by how much I explored and learnt in just a couple of weeks. But there is tons and tons more that I should learn.

I will probably post the work flow and my film over the weekend. But until then, Stay Tuned!!


New Challenges


Ughh!!! update after so long…
I’ve been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks. Can’t reveal everything, but here is a sneak peak into something that I am working on now. Working a sculpture (Left) and also a 10 seconds short (Right) something that involves paper planes.
Facing many new challenges everyday and this is taking the process of learning to a whole new level.
Met some amazing people who inspire me every time i talk to them(Involves Industry veterans  HI HU HI HI HU :D).
Best part: Soon, I`ll have to produce a minute long short…..
I’ll try my best to keep you guys posted.